Our Wow Cloud- Nursery


Gabriel – Made a number line and matched numeral and quantity 1-20 all by himself. Well Done!
Sienna – Drew two super houses as well as all the characters from the Little Red Riding Hood story.
Maisie – Fantastic letter formation when chalking satpin words on the playground floor during her phonics lesson.
Izzy – Drew a fantastic picture of all her family.
James – Has been practising writing his name at home.
Leila – Practised writing her numbers during free flow play session.
Caitlin- Was the best at sitting and reading a book quietly during an independent reading session.
Ocean – Made a number line and matched numeral and quantity correctly 1-10. She then carried on the number line to 20 all by herself. Well Done!


Nursery News

We ended this term’s theme of ‘traditional tales’ with the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ We read different versions of the story and compared the differences between them such as the characters and the beginning, middle and endings of each book. The children have really enjoyed this theme.

The children had milk and a choice of Cornflakes, Chocolate Hoops, Multigrain Hoops or Rice Krispies cereals for special snack this week. Mmmm!

Here you can see us enjoying our free flow play and painting outside in the sunshine.

Half term homework – Reception

Your homework this school holiday is to keep a diary. It should have at least three entries where you draw a picture and write about what you have done. Remember to include finger spaces, capital letters and full stops, and use your phonic knowledge to spell new words. You could use your word book to help you spell words which you already know.
We will share our diaries with the class on the first day back, so please make sure that you bring it with you.

School reopens on Monday 12th June. Have a great break everyone!

Yesterday we sent home some updated information about our school trip, which has now been cancelled. You can read a copy of the letter here: sealife lego letter cancellation

Pirate Day

We had a brilliant pirate day full of lots of fun! Didn’t we all look fantastic?

The day has been full of lots of pirate stories and rhymes. We worked our way round a carousel of exciting activities.
1. We made pirate jewellery.
2. We made model pirates from toilet roll tubes.
3. We worked in a team to make a huge pirate ship with the community playbricks.
4. We followed lots of clues around school and found some treasure!

In the afternoon we were brave pirates and we all walked the plank. Luckily, no one fell into the water! Finally we enjoyed a pirate picnic in the sunshine. Well done little pirates, what a great day!

Our Wow Cloud – Nursery


Lexie P – Combined different materials to create a super birthday cake with candles in the play-dough area.
Layla – Made a wonderful colourful bag at home.
Isabelle C – Paired up all the rhyming objects without any help during phonics session.
Eliza Rose – Brought in her mermaid swimming certificate to show.
Ruby – Was fantastic at matching the initial sounds of objects on the alliteration hunt outside during phonics session.
Isla – Brought in her dance certificate to show.
Amelia – Paired up the rhyming objects by herself during phonics session.
Gabriel -Was fantastic and quick at matching the initial sounds of objects on the alliteration hunt outside during phonics session.
Willow L – held her own Dough Disco at home.


The Three Little Pigs – Nursery

The traditional story the children enjoyed this week was ‘The Three Little Pigs’.
Outside they have been investigating the materials used by the three little pigs to build their houses using the ‘little bad wolf fans’ and the ‘big bad wolf hairdryer’. Afterwards we discussed which was the best material to build houses with. It certainly wasn’t the straw as it blew all over the place! During their investigations the children were heard repeating the refrains “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down.”

For special snack this week the children made sandwiches. They buttered their own bread and then selected their filling/s from tuna, cheese, ham, cucumber and tomatoes to place on their bread. Delicious!

The nursery children enjoyed meeting baby ducklings this week and learning some interesting facts about them. Thank you to Mrs Carsberg for bringing them into school for everyone to meet.

Here you can see us enjoying our free flow play:

Mums and Tots

Unfortunately there will be no Mums and Tots session next week (23rd May.)
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.