Traffic Light Snack – Nursery

The children had crackers, tomatoes, cheese and cucumber today and created a traffic light snack with them. It was great to see children trying some of these foods again which they had previously said they didn’t like. Some even had seconds!

Our Wow Cloud – Nursery


Isabella C – Painted a set of animal wooden nesting dolls at home and brought them in to show.
Josh – Formed his letters in the word ‘pat’ really well and added sound buttons underneath.
Willow L – Was a lovely friend to Lelia when she fell over in the playground.
Caitlin – Drew a lovely picture of her mum at the dentist.
Zach M – Counted clearly the number of children in Rainbow Group. 1-12
Max – Was fantastic at ‘Robot Talk’ during his phonics lesson.
Lexi – Has been working hard at home practising her numbers and drawing 2D shapes.
Oliver – Built a super road with the wooden blocks outside.


Doctors, Nurses and Dentists – Nursery

We have been learning about doctors, nurses and dentists throughout the week. Children have been listening to stories, engaging in activities and using the clevertouch screen to find out all about the roles they play in keeping us all fit and healthy. We have also been learning about ways in which we can keep ourselves healthy.
Children have been making their own stethoscopes and Doctor bags full of equipment, which they then used in our hospital role-play area. They have also been learning about dental hygiene and why it is important to watch what we eat and the need to clean our teeth after meals in order to prevent tooth decay. Children have been practising cleaning teeth properly. Using real toothbrushes and toothpaste they had to try and clean all the stains off our large model teeth.
A big thank you to Danielle Hill for donating the large scale teeth and toothbrush to early years and to Caleb in year 2 for bringing them in.

Also this week, children have been using lots of different coloured paints and shapes to create printed pattern pictures for our display board.

Reception – three ideas for homework this weekend

  • Technology: We have been blogging with a school in Australia. Ask a grown up to look at their blog with you. Leave the children a comment about their work or a question. Don’t forget to say that you are from Russell Scott Reception.  Click here to visit their blog.
  • RE:  We have been learning about celebrations.  Draw a picture and write a sentence about a celebration you have been to, or know about.
  • People, Speaking and Listening:  Next week we will be thinking about our lovely mums.  Be ready to tell us what your mum looks like and why you love her.

Stay and Play – Nursery

What a GREAT turn out for our stay and play sessions today. A great big thank you to all our parents/carers for coming. We really hope you enjoyed your time in nursery and engaging with yours and other nursery children as much as they enjoyed you being there playing with them. THANK YOU!

Great Homework – Reception


Thank you to everyone who sent homework this weekend. If videos are sent through Facebook messenger, the teachers can watch them but are unable to save them for the blog. If you wish for a video to appear here it must be sent by email.

Our Wow Cloud – Nursery


Dante – Recognised numbers 1-5 and matched them to the correct Numicon piece.
Annalise- Was fantastic during phonics, she can talk like a robot.
Jai – Recognised numerals 1-5 out of order and matched the Numicon tiles to them.
Annalise & Amelie – Made a fantastic aeroplane with the junk modelling.
Poppy – Wrote her name and surname all by herself.
Isabella – Brought in her swimming certificate to show.


Rainbow Challenge

In Nursery we have started a Rainbow Challenge Chart. Each week the children are given a new challenge to complete. So far we have done the Red Challenge which was to make a circle, and the Orange Challenge which was to sing a song. At the end of the week the children are rewarded with a special certificate if they have completed the challenge, and the next part of our blank rainbow is coloured in. On the walls near Sunshine and Rainbow carpets you may have noticed the chart with your child’s photograph. Once your child has completed the challenge they have to put the sticker next to their photograph so that Miss Jones and Miss Boulton know they have done it. If your child has not completed the challenge by the end of the week, don’t worry they still have a chance to put that colour sticker on the chart during following week.

The purpose of the Rainbow challenge is for the children to become independent in their learning. We also want children to try new things and move out of their comfort zones which will help them to learn.

The Yellow Challenge which starts next week is to play with someone new.
The Green Challenge which starts the week after will be to count 10 things.
The Blue Challenge which starts on the last week before Half Term is to help someone.

Well done to all the children who have completed the Red and Orange Challenges!