Rainbow Challenges – Nursery

Well done to all the children who completed all five challenges last half term.  We have started our Rainbow Challenge again for this half term. The new challenges are as follows:

W/B 24th April – Red Challenge – Make a repeated pattern. For example with lego bricks: red brick, yellow brick, red brick, yellow brick.

W/B 1st May – Orange Challenge – Cut something using the scissors. For example: paper, straws, play dough.

W/B 8th May – Yellow Challenge – Share the toys with your friends.

W/B 15th May – Green Challenge – Use the tripod grip when holding pencils and pens.

W/B 22nd May – Blue Challenge – Find something that begins with the letter ‘s’. For example, sock, spoon, sand.

Our Wow Cloud – Nursery


Zak – Kindly helped his friend put on his coat and zipped it up for him.
Willow L – Can introduce herself and say how old she is in Spanish.
Lexie P – Helped her friend put his coat onto his peg.
Finley – Brought in his swimming certificate to show.
James and Jayden – Were fantastic at tidy up time outside.


Nursery News

The children have enjoyed being back at nursery after the Easter break and playing with their lovely friends again.

They have also loved playing in our new library role play area outside.

Reception – three ideas for homework this weekend

  • People and Communities:  We have been learning about St George’s Day. You can watch the videos again here. Respond to the story in any way you choose.  E.g. you might paint a dragon, make a shield, write some sentences or simply retell the story to your family.
  • Numeracy:  We have been practising addition up to 20.  Make your own addition scoring game with your family.  For example you could label buckets with different numbers, throw balls into them and add up your score.
  • Making Relationships: do something kind for a friend or a family member.

Next week we start our Pirate topic.  Look out for the letter about our pirate day later this half term.  You can read the letter here: pirate day

Please return any outstanding playbags. At the moment we do not have enough returned to be able to resend.

From Monday we would like all reception children to come into the porch by themselves in the morning and sort their own things without an adult. This will help with independence for Year 1. Thank you for your support.


19.4.17 All reception children should bring their holiday homework to school – a memory box to talk to the class about. Talks will take place this week and boxes will be returned on Friday.

20.4.17 Easter Bonnet Parade – nursery and reception.

21.4.17 Reception children need PE kits to be returned.

25.4.17 Rainbow Group Parents’ Appointments (Miss Boulton) Times are on the nursery door.

27.4.17 Sunshine Group Parents’ Appointments (Miss Jones) Times are on the nursery door.

Nursery special snack money (£3) is now due. This will be the LAST time that you need to pay. Due to the flood we had at the start of the year, the last half term will be free. Many thanks.

Our Wow Cloud – Nursery


Annalise – Brought in her swimming certificate to show.
Harvi – Showed great balance and walking skills on the stilts.
James – Helped the other children complete the numicon activity. He matched numbers 1-10 to the correct numicon piece.
Willow L – Was very creative with icing at home.
Ollie J – Was so proud of himself when he independently put on and zipped up his own coat before he went outside to play.
Gabriel – Was fantastic at decoding cvc words during his phonics lesson.
Jack – Has been practising writing his numbers.
Eliza Rose – Brought in her mermaid swimming certificate to show.


Happy Easter! – Nursery

Throughout the week the children have been learning and engaging in lots of activities related to the spring festival of Easter.

The children ordered Easter eggs from big to little, and used size language to describe each one as well. They also described the patterns on the eggs and found the odd one out.

Outside the children helped to set up an obstacle course, which they then tried to complete while balancing an egg on a spoon. If they dropped it they had to start again from the beginning! The next day we made our obstacle course even harder. There was some great balancing and coordination from the children. It was lovely to see them all working together as a team and offering their support to others in order for them to complete the course. FANTASTIC!