Reception – three ideas for homework this weekend.

  • Being Imaginative:  Prepare your costume for Pirates Day, which is this Monday 22nd May.  You might like to make yourself a homemade prop such as a treasure map or a telescope.  There are lots of ideas for pirate craft activities on the cbeebies Swashbuckle website.  Click here.  Please bring a toilet roll tube on pirate day for a craft activity.  Any spares would be greatly appreciated.
  • The World:  This week we enjoyed a visit from some ducklings.  What do you know about ducks and ducklings?  Draw a picture or write a sentence to explain.  You might like to listen to the story of The Ugly Duckling and then retell it.  Click here to listen.
  • Numeracy:  We have been practising halving quantities by sharing into two groups “one for me, one for you”  Practise this at home, you can use anything that is in your house e.g. share 12 pieces of pasta equally between two teddies.

A letter about our visit to Sealife and LegoLand will be sent home today.  You can read a copy here: sealife lego letter

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  1. Caitlyn has enjoyed having the playbag and she has enjoyed sharing pasta between her teddies

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